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The goal of this multi-project endeavour is to craft and explore multiplayer, mixed reality entertainment for people who use mobility devices such as mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs.

Mobile Technology + Games + Mobility Device Users

The area of entertainment for mobility device users has received little attention from the gaming industry and service providers. We are interested in designing and researching multiplayer interactive and mixed reality games and applications for mobility device users and their friends and families. We seek to advance our understanding of mobility users’ device use for entertainment, social play and personal well-being. As a lab that specializes in accessible technology and media, our approach is inclusive, participatory, user-centric and mixed methods-focused.

Our first project, the Mobility Game, was designed in collaboration with experienced mobility device users through a series of interactive idea jams. The first version of the game will debut in August 2013; it will be supplemented by a user study that we expect will contribute to a better understanding of mobility users' entertainment needs and desires.

We are currently exploring a number of research possibilities that will build on the themes and goals central to the Mobility Game project.

We create mobile entertainment for mobility device users.

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Framed by universal design and entertainment theories, this research will address mixed-reality gameplay for a diversity of users’ needs, including alternative input and output devices. Forms of geo-location, mountable sensors, gaming elements embedded in physical environments and publicly available digital services will be used. Considering the largest diversity of users from the onset of development will help to include audiences who have been excluded from mainstream game experiences due to age and differentiated age-related needs, while still focusing on the central component of gaming—fun.

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43.4% of people over 65 have a disability, compared to 19.3% middle-agers

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